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Quantum Computing is here

We are a group of physicists and developers specializing in Quantum Computing

The quantum revolution is reshaping computing, and we must reshape the way we think of computers. We believe quantum computing can be made accessible to anyone, and we achieve this with our teaching products. These are designed for IT professionals, developers and engineers, as well as students, teachers and curious independent thinkers. With our games and introduction lessons we make quantum computing accessible even for kids!

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Our Services

Research & Development

Quantum Programming

We design and test quantum algorithms for strategic decision trees, database search, cryptography and more.

Open Source Development

We are currently contributing to open source quantum projects, such as IBM-Q

Education and Games

We carefully curate educational material for anyone interested in learning quantum computing, from advanced webinars to games.


Quantum Consultancy

We are helping large organizations - commercial and government - to understand how Quantum Computing may, or may not, change their long term IT strategy. You can get more details about our Quantum Consultancy Services here.

Quantum Standards

Our team is keen on supporting the quantum information revolution by expanding the circles of knowledge. We design and advice on educational standards and programs for schools, universities and companies.

Quantum Workshops

For larger organizations which require staff training or in-house strategy planning we offer a set of professional workshops which vary from introductory sessions to full day sessions.

Investments and Research

Quantum Hubb

Our group is investing, mainly by sweet equity, in new ideas, startups and entrepeneurs focused on Quantum Computing. Our main interest is with web / internet products which would either run on a quantum computer or would interface with classical computers.

Quantum Research

Major part of our activity is invested in research of new algorithms and new ideas for products and services which would make Quantum Computing more accessible by the wider internet community. We are committed to constant learning and research of new ideas.

Quantum IP

Once new ideas are developed, we have got an interest to identify and protect the intellectual property of the new product and services. Our company is slowly creating an interesting portfolio of Quantum Intellectual Properties.


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How fast is D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer comparing to your laptop


Temperature required to hold the Quantum Computer

Our Webinars

Our Workshops

Quantum Games

Our Team

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Maor Ben-Shahar

Clever Quantum Chief Executive

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Eran Ben-Shahar

Clever Quantum V.P. Strategy

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Nitay Ben-Shahar

Clever Quantum V.P R&D

Quantum Computing

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Quantum Computers are out there already. IBM-Q has already got an initiative to build commercially available Quantum Computers for businesses. Google are already running a 72 Qubits Quantum computer. You want to get prepared.

Yes, Quantum Computers are out there already. IBM-Q has got a commercially available Quantum Compute, and Google boasts a running 72 Qubit Quantum computer. This is the time to get involved.

We have webinars at an introductory level, for developers, for web professionals and business people. You will be sure to find a webinar with which you can begin your quantum journey in the right way

Our Quantum Workshops are designed for large organizations undergoing changes and upgrades related to the introduction of quantum technologies. The benefits of a workshop include an in person presentation, and the option to ask questions of one of our scientists.